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    Which is Best
    Which is Best
    Spotify or SoundCloud
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The Spotify and SoundCloud both are best music player app. It’s a fair to put both the app against to each other and we will see which one is the best. Here we compare the best music app for android.  

Spotify and SoundCloud both offer the free and premium version. With the subscription account, you can enjoy the adds free, high-quality audio and offline listening.  
In Spotify, the premium user can download a music and listen to it offline but these downloaded Spotify songs not available on the other players. Where SoundCloud support a free service and download songs freely. Read more about Google Play Music Customer Service


In Spotify gives you a navigation where you going from opening the left panel menu. It contains the setting, library, and radio.it involve a lot of swiping when you looking for an anything special. 

In Spotify, it does not work for a cellular data. I do give an option for choosing the quality of data, it's having a different audio qualities i.e automatic, normal, high, extremely higher. The last one audio quality is locked for premium users. 
When we signup its notes the taste of your music and displays songs according to it. 
In Spotify, you will enjoy it only when you upgrade the version to Spotify premium version. That's you can download up to 3000 kinds of music per device. Check also Spotify Customer Service


Its create a free account, You can sign up for google or facebook account and you can also directly signup from the register. When you love music or you are the musician then add a link to your website on your profile. 
Here you can upload your own music or sound in an app and share it or you can also share on the facebook, twitter through the SoundCloud app. 
SoundCloud shows the analytic data in a line chart. Soundcloud doesn’t have a personal album because you can get the someone uploaded’s album when you search them. 
Here we will discuss all the music app which one is best for you, now you can select which one is useful and benefit for you.both the app having their specific features and unique.now you can select the one which is comfortable for your uses .The Spotify and SoundCloud both having its superior performance. 
When you install these aap in your device and need a help then you contact with the google support which provide you a instant help to the google support who support you and gives the best solution to your problems. Then visit a Google support site by clicking  soundcloud customer service number